Orientation Device

Carl Billingsley

Orientation Device, by Carl Billingsley, resembles a horseshoe magnet. Billingsley plays with architectural forms by turning an arch on its head and sending towers into the air to give us “Orientation Device.” Think of towers and arches as landmarks as you look at this steel piece. Its location near an iron-ribbed railway trestle over the Milwaukee River at the end of Auxiliary Court is fitting. Billingsley, who Received his MFA at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, is a professor of sculpture at the School of Art & Design, East Carolina University, in Greenville, North Carolina. His work can be found in collections and sculpture parks from North Carolina to Wisconsin. He has permanent public sculptures in Norway, Israel, Estonia, Japan, China and Brazil. It was purchased by West Bend Friends of Sculpture in honor of the late Board Member Ron Lauret in 1997.