Bird of Hope and Joy

Sheila Berger

The Bird of Hope and Joy, 2021, Stainless Steel, West Bend Riverwalk

Inspired by Wisconsin’s humble state bird, the Robin, Berger created “The Bird” at her New York Studio during the pandemic. She is nestled on the West Bend Riverwalk, between the Milwaukee River and the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

Discovering that thoughtful art can reach viewers of all races, gender, ages and socio-economic backgrounds became a driving force behind my desire to produce for the public. Drawing from the unlimited wells of the invisible world--those who are left behind and nature unnoticed--are the source. Building works outside has also made me acutely aware of my responsibility towards the planet. Digging into the ground, introducing concrete and steel, I am very sensitive to the impact of sculpture on nature. To bring awareness and enhance my surroundings rather than jar and disrupt the world are my intentions. - Sheila Berger

Born in St Louis, Missouri, Sheila Berger was educated at UW Madison, NYU Art Students League and New York Academy of the Arts. She has shown her work everywhere from the Rubin Museum in NY, the Bemis Center in Omaha; the American Consulate in Istanbul, and the US Embassy in Laos. Berger’s environmental sensitivity and belief that public art reaches all races, gender, ages and socio-economic backgrounds is in keeping with West Bend Friends of Sculpture’s mission to provide sculpture that is reflective of the landscape and community values.

The Bird of Hope and Joy is Perched Along the Downtown Riverwalk