Ajuga Daydream

Tom Lidke

Cast Concrete, Native Plants

Ajuga Daydream by Thomas Lidtke of West Bend, Wisconsin, evokes memories of Roman coliseums, Greek columns and Stonehenge. The ancient images mix with a contemporary feel in a beautiful earthwork that graces Riverside Park. Two concrete arches lead into a bowl filled with Siberian Iris and ajuga ground cover, resulting in an oasis of green-bronze plants and purple spiked flowers. Crab trees ring the bowl, which is forty feet in diameter and five feet deep. Volunteers from the community plant and tend the plants. Community events, such as weddings and live arts performances, take place in the earthwork. Lidtke, former executive director of the Museum of Wisconsin Art, holds a master’s degree in art from UW-Oshkosh. He also creates work from wood, marble and metals. The Devenport family donated the work in 1995.