West Bend Friends of Sculpture

1. "Nice Spirit" & 2. "Ornithopod," by Narendra Patel, a professor emeritus.. More

Nice SpiritOrnithopod

3. “Labyrinth Earth Garden,” created and maintained by community volunteers.. More

Labyrinth Earth Garden

4. “Tableau in Steel,” by the late David Genzler of Ashland, Wisconsin.. More

Tableau in Steel

5. “Wave Dancer,” by John Mishler, incorporates kinetic energy with parts.. More

Wave Dancer

6. “Tilted Donut No. 4,” by Fletcher Benton of California, was made from.. More

Tilted Donut No. 4

7. “Place of Origin,” by Brad Goldberg, is a site specific earth work that.. More

Place of Origin

8. “Column,” by P. M. Goulding, a native of Wisconsin, fits naturally on.. More


9. “River Depot,” by Jeremy Wolf of Milwaukee, says to children: “Let’s.. More

River Depot

10. “For Edna St. Vincent Millay,” by Roger Colombik, is a contemplative.. More

For Edna St. Vincent Millay

11. “Musical Frog Trio” by Charles and Beau Smith of Atlanta, mixes the.. More

Musical Frog Trio

12. “Spiral,” by Paul Bobrowitz, Jr., is a coiled piece fashioned out of .. More


13. “Twisted Column,” by Dean Jackson Meeker, is a work of stainless steel. More

Twisted Column

14. “Interim IX,” by Bruce Niemi of Kenosha, is a piece of stainless steel.. More

Interim IX

15. “Veterans Monument,” by Steve Gerhartz of West Bend, was erected as a.. More

Veterans Monument

16. “Washington County Freedom Monument,” designed by Wally Miller of.. More

Veterans Monument

17. “The Doughboy,” by E. M. Viquesney of Spencer, Indiana, guards the.. More

The Doughboy

18. “Lady Justice,” by H. Passchaert, is a bas relief on the north face of.. More

Lady Justice

19. “Orientation Device,” by Carl Billingsley, resembles a horseshoe magnet. More

Orientation Device

20. “West Bend Resolve,” created in 1995 by O. V. Shaffer of Beloit, Wisconsin... More

West Bend Resolve

21. “Paradisedae,” by Narendra Patel, professor emeritus of sculpture from the... More


22. “Summer Cauldron,” by Stephen Hokanson of Chicago, brings to mind the many... More


23. “Fluvio,” by Paul Trappe of Australia, floats above the prairie plants and flowers... More


24. “Ajuga Daydream,” by Thomas Lidtke of West Bend, Wisconsin, evokes memories of... More


25. “Bird Egy Mounds,” came from Woodland Indians who began sculpting mounds... More

Bird Effigy Mounds Drawing

26. “Pixel Topo,” by Eric Stein, is a sculpture made of wood that captures light and... More


27. “Our People Come First,” by Walter Soini, a Russian-Finnish sculptor, graces the... More


28. “Antenna Man,” by Eric Nordgulen, is a sculpture made from fabricated... More


29. “Standing the Test of Time,” by Bruce Niemi, is a stainless steel sundial that was... More


30. “Great Blue,” by Boleslaw Kochanowski of Junction City, Wisconsin, is made of... More


31. “Dancer 1,” by Thomas Lidtke, of West Bend, Wisconsin, is a bronze piece that was... More


32. “L.A. Crane,” created by Paul Bobrowitz in 1996, is made from iron and is on display... More


33. “Thanks a Billion,” by Flux Design is a nine foot tree sculpture produced for West Bend... More


34. “Wheelman,” by Norman Christianson, is positioned in front of West Bend... More


35. “Single Heart,” by John K. Lee, a professor of sculpture at Dartmouth College... More


36. “Partners,” by Norman Christianson of Cedarburg, depicts a golfer and his caddy... More